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The telltargetCMS

Basic construction of the system

telltargetCMS is a databank-supported Web Content Management System. All contents are filed in a data bank. The form of the content is defined by templates and formatting masks (CSS style-sheets) in the telltargetCMS, which allow you to create and format the content which is then transferred to the website. The input of the text as well as the integration of other files (pictures, .jpg files, .pdf files, MP3s, etc ...) occurs online using an Internet browser. No additional special software is required. The system is exclusively online.
The system divides itself into three essential areas:

  1. The Website
    The templates and style-sheets are presented and set up for the CMS user’s uploaded content.
  2. The Editing Area
    The content is uploaded, edited, and administered here. This is the main editing area.
  3. The Administration Area 
    This area is for configuring administration rights and CMS infrastructure.